Skype Video Coaching

Want some quick Pickup/Social skills Coaching for less than $100?

Wherever you are Globally we are only a phone call away.

Whether you want to:

  • Get in the right head space before you go out.
  • Some expert feedback on what went wrong last weekend.
  • Trial what it's like to be professionally coached....

You don't even have to wait for the next Bootcamp.

Get Skype Coaching right from your lounge (or bedroom) TODAY!

Whatever your Pickup or Social skill level, our friendly and experienced 3SR Coaches will help you pinpoint what your REAL sticking points are, offer advice and feedback (in a way that you can understand without the PUA jargon [unless you like that kind of thing]) and even set you some challenges for your next few nights out.

It's simple; It's Easy, It's 30 minutes, It's Skype Coaching

1on1 Coaching for 1 hour - only $149 (3SR Coach)
or a 3 Sessions for $299 (3SR Coach),

or a 3 Sessions for $450 (Master Instructor)
[or $225 per session]

or a 3 Sessions for $750 (Global Coaching Director)
[or $375 per session]

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