‘Impact’ Bootcamp

So what is an 'Impact' Bootcamp?

A 3SR Impact Bootcamp differs from your standard 2 day Bootcamp in that an 'Impact' Camp is uniquely designed for just that - IMPACT, both with the women you approach over the weekend, your skills set - and your LIFE! Yes everyone else tells you the same, we know...... but did they cap their Bootcamps at 4 (yes FOUR) Students max?

So there is a LOT more personal interaction time between you and the 3SR Coach. Meaning... we get to the root of YOUR problems and challenges and obviously the instructor ratio when you go out live to bars in the evening is exceptional.

Even during the day session, you will feel the difference - a lot less being 'talked at' and over 50% of your time DOING practical exercises designed by Master Trainer Discovery to get not your head filled with Jargon, but to prepare you to have IMPACT the very same evening!

We even throw in an extra Day for 1on1 Debriefs and Personal Action Planning

Day 1

  • Overivew of your Game Experience to date
  • Program led by the needs of the group
  • Sticking Points (discussed prior to arrival)
  • (ALL sticking points addressed throughout the weekend both as a group and 1on1)
  • Overview of Attraction Theory
  • No Fail Opening! - a Discovery & Mystery creation
  • Practical Delivery Section
  • Daytime Opening Infield Section (to de-sensitise for the evening)
  • Routines and Gambits Prep for the evening


  • Infield review - Personal Action Planning
  • Qualifying & Challenging
  • Intro to Kino - with simple Kino Gambits to use immediately
  • Creating an Attractive Identity
  • Storytelling Exercise (Conveying that Identity)
  • Practical Role Play and Practise
  • Routines & Gambits part 2 - Building your own Personal Stack



2 Days Impact Interactive Training
Fri, Sat 12-7pm Workshop
2 nights (Fri, Sat) Live Infield Training
with a 3SR Senior Coach
NEW and exclusive to 3SR:
+FREE Day3
 for 1on1 Debriefs and Personal Action Planning
3SR Launch Offer: $2500  (£1489)
saving $400!

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or speak to Bobby?
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