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Shaun Michael (Discovery)

  Master Coach & Global Coaching Director. U.K - Hollywood, L.A - Riga - Las Vegas - Miami - Sydney, Aus. An International Business Trainer, Professional Dating Coach and Social Arts Expert. Star of the Amazon Prime Show #AttractAnyWomanAnywhere, Shaun Michael (Discovery) is a Master Instructor, who for the past 15 years has trained and…
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Rick Dutch

Senior Coach Netherlands, EU. Naughty by nature, caring and a passionate lover of life! Rick is highly skilled in the art of cooking, traveled the world a successful DJ and now an educated professional Coach. His journey in search of beauty took him to all corners of the world. He lives his life with passion…
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Sebastian Gold

Senior Coach UK & DENMARK, EUROPE. Sebastian Gold is to be the first Scandinavian 3SR Pro Coach. He has personally been mentored by the sovereigns of the Pickup and Dating business such as Discovery, Mystery and many more, and they have all spent one on one time with him around the world. He is the…
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